About UGS

The Division of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) stewards the undergraduate culture of inquiry at the heart of a superior residential research university. UGS promotes academic excellence and engagement, access and success. We support the coherence, relevance, and impact of our students’ educational journeys.

A great undergraduate education requires the commitment, cohesion, and collaboration generated by a centralized advising and learning support, campus-wide academic and cocurricular initiatives, and the promotion of best practices in pedagogy. UGS provides these and more. The following departments, programs, and initiatives operate within the Division of Undergraduate Studies:


Advisor helping students

Academic Advising

We work to ensure all students have the academic resources and support they need to succeed. Faculty and staff members, academic advisorstutors, and peer mentors are everywhere on campus. Each of them can play a unique and invaluable role in students' success. Seek them out. Your experience will be richer when you do.

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Accessible Education Center

The AEC is dedicated to supporting accessible education through active collaboration with students, faculty, staff, and the community. The AEC facilitates access and full inclusion of students with disabilities into the university environment. This is accomplished through effective collaborations/consultations with faculty/staff, proactive advising, and the fostering of systemic campus change.

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First-Year Interest Groups

A successful first year of college looks different for every student, so we offer programs to appeal to a diverse set of interests and structure them so students are given opportunities to adjust to the UO academically as well as socially.

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Teaching & Learning Center

Overcoming obstacles to effective teaching and learning often requires more than teachers and students can accomplish individually or in the classroom. Programs, workshops, courses, tutors, and mentors are among the many resources provided in the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) to help students and faculty with their educational endeavors. Also housed within TLC is PathwayOregon, Student Support Services, the Teaching Engagement Program, the Health Professions Program, and the McNair Scholars Program, among others.


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Office of the Vice Provost and Dean

The Division of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) shapes the undergraduate educational experience at the UO. Headed by the vice provost and dean, UGS provides guidance and support for undergraduates as they pursue their college education. 

Programs and Initiatives